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How to get rid of dog urine odor… Who smells more? Cats or Dogs?

How to get rid of dog urine odor… Who smells more? Cats or Dogs?

Who Creates More Pet Odors? Cats or Dogs?

Trying to decipher which animal creates more pet odors in your home is virtually impossible. Any animal if not properly cared for can produce a large amount of odor that is unpleasant regardless of how cute or furry they might be. In order to ensure that the pets in your home are not taking over, you need to make sure that a few ground rules are in place for them. This means enforcing the rules for everyone in the house, to ensure that effective methods are in place. How to get rid of dog urine odor..

Hamsters, mice and other rodent type pets all typically live in a cage. They are not taken outside for frequent bathroom breaks and typically are quite happy with this arrangement. However, the smells that can come from those tiny little cages is horrible if they are not kept clean. In order to keep your home from smelling like a rodent house you need to ensure that the cage bedding is cleaned at least once a week. This should also include cleaning the cage itself with hot soapy water as well to remove all residues.

For cats, it is extremely important to ensure that they are only eating an acceptable cat food. The extremely cheap brands as well as the joy of human food can often disrupt your pet’s stomach. This can increase the pet odors significantly. To avoid this problem, you need to work on making sure that you feed your pet a food that they enjoy, as well as something that is not significantly contributing to the odors. If you are having significant odor problems you need to take some time to carefully look for a new type of food that can remove these issues.

It is also a very good idea for dogs to make certain that there is a schedule in place for them to eat. This combined with a good quality dog food will help get them on a schedule that will allow you to usher the pet odors outside where they belong. If you allow your dog to free feed, they are much more likely to have an accident in the house, regardless of the type of schedule that you have in place for housetraining. In order to break this cycle, you need to stop the free feeding and ensure that a schedule is put into place immediately.

For birds and even reptiles, it is extremely important that you keep cages clean and food fresh. Not keeping the cage clean can create huge problems because of the odors. Despite how cute the little bird is, they do create a rather large mess and it is not entirely odor free, in fact, they can have quite a strong odor. The need to keep the cage clean is extremely important and will require some careful care paid to ensure that it is cleaned quickly and the bird or reptile returned safely to their home.

Exotic pets such as sugar gliders are another huge source of pet odors. These exotic little animals are very cute and quite fun to play with, but have a very strong urine smell that is hard to deal with. Make certain that their cages are kept extremely clean and you will notice a substantial improvement in the overall smell of your home quickly. Allowing their cage to become overly dirty will find the smell strong enough to burn your eyes, which is never a good sign.

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