About Us

GetRidOfSmell.com is a leading website featuring the latest in odor removal systems brought to you by Darryl Wolf, the invenntor of the entire line of Odor Removal Systems and CEO of Pro Dyes, Inc., and Dave Korpi the President of Take 5, Inc. who brings you the product online.

Your products will be shipped directly from Pro Dyes, Inc. in North Dakota and your orders are processed by Take 5, Inc. in California. Taxes are on only charged to residents ordering from North Dakota unless you have a resale certificate.

Founded in 2005, Pro Dyes, Inc. is headquartered in North Dakota.
Pro Dyes, Inc.
Darrel G Wolf
310 4th St West
Zeeland, North Dakota 58581,
Cell 701 851 0023
Office 701 423 5506
email: aerosoldyes@yahoo.com
Website: www.odormeds.com

Founded in 2000, Take 5, Inc. is headquartered in California.
Take 5, Inc.
Dave Korpi
405 Monterey Avenue
Pacific Grove, CA 93950
tel: 831-455-0418
email: dave.korpi@gmail.com
Website: www.Take5Inc.com