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Stopping Pet Odors Before they Start

Stopping Pet Odors Before they Start

Stopping Pet Odors Before they Start

Trying to live a nice and happy life with your pet is not always easy. There are likely to be plenty of times when you are extremely frustrated with pet smells and the best way to handle this problem is to work towards eliminating them before they actually start. If you are able to control pet odors before they begin, you will be in a much better position to actually handle the odors, rather than trying to just mask them with an air freshener or other similar type of product.

If you have cats make sure that you keep the litter box fresh and clean. If the box becomes soiled and dirty your cat is likely to stop using it. Getting them to use it again will be harder, as this process repeats itself you will find that it is even harder to get your pet to actually return to using the litter box. Keeping them from straying from the box is the best way to help prevent odors.

Additionally, male and female cats should be fixed at the earliest date possible. Animals that are not fixed will spray to mark their territory, there is no training that you can do to prevent this. In order to keep it from happening, you will need to have them fixed before it starts. Once they have started spraying, you will not be able to get them to stop typically. Many animals are turned over to shelters each year because the owners are unable to get them to stop spraying around the house. Again, prevention is the key to success.

Look for air fresheners to use in your home that help to neutralize odors. Things such as Febreeze are wonderful for this because they do not just mask the odor with another odor. The ingredients work to neutralize the odor, which helps to ultimate reduce the occurrence of pet odors in your home. Catching them before they become bad will help you to ensure that you are never completely overwhelmed by the scents and will also require much less time when you are actively working to remove the odors later.

If you have dogs, it is very important that you keep their bedding as clean as possible. Washing it at least once a week, as well as frequent baths for your dog will be important steps towards keeping your house smelling fresh and pet odors under control. Without this care, you will quickly find that the odors from your dogs are becoming a significant problem. When you are trying to determine the best cleaning schedule for your pets, you need to take into account their needs, as well as the type of breed. Most long hair dogs will require a larger amount of effort placed into cleaning to reduce the odors while a shorthair breed will be much easier to handle typically.

You should also look around and very carefully consider all of the different types of spot treaters that you are looking into using. Selecting one should be based upon ease of usage, as well as the overall effectiveness of it. Choosing the wrong cleaner can be a huge disaster, and should be avoided if at all possible. While it might seem like an easy choice to make, you might need to try several different models before you determine for certain which type of spot treater works best for your needs.

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