How Our Product Works

The patent pending formula of our product uses Chlorine Dioxide(CLO2) as its primary active ingredient.

 Our formula allows us to cost effectively offer and deliver a chlorine dioxide product to individuals.

What is chlorine dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide is an antimicrobial pesticide recognized for its disinfectant properties since the early 1900s. Chlorine dioxide kills microorganisms by disrupting transport of nutrients across the cell wall.

Chlorine dioxide smells somewhat like chlorine bleach. Chlorine dioxide should not be confused with chlorine gas. They are two distinct chemicals that react differently and produce by-products that have little in common.

The liquid form of chlorine dioxide is safely used by many industries as a disinfectant and sanitizer.

Industrial uses of liquid chlorine dioxide include:

  • bleaching pulp and paper

  • bleaching textiles

  • washing fruit and vegetables

  • disinfecting flume water

  • disinfecting meat and poultry

  • disinfecting food processing equipment

  • sanitizing water

  • controlling odors

  • treating medical wastes

  • treating municipal water

Chlorine dioxide gas (generated from sodium chlorite, the active ingredient) is also used as a sterilant in manufacturing and laboratory equipment, environmental surfaces, tools, and clean rooms.